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Ayi Jihu hits London Fashion Week with House of Ikons and FashionSistas

Ayi May 2014


Chinese RnB sensation Ayi Jihu has joined with the fashion group House of Ikons part of theLady K Enterprises run by Fashion guru and producer Savita Kaye. She will be performing at the exclusive House of Ikons fashion show on Saturday 13th of September 2014 at the Hilton London Paddington. The House of Ikons fashion show is the first to be supported by The Princes Trust and the fashion show will aim to raise funds to support the Prince’s Trust.

Coming June 27th 2014 Ilumina (Shallallaja) Edu and Ayi Jihu

Global news Ink May 11 2014


Chinese star Ayi Jihu is set to move further into the public eye in 2014 and perhaps make history again as the first true Chinese artist to top the Pop charts anywhere in the West with the release of her new single Ilumina (Shallallaja) which is set to drop in Germany on the 27th of June 2014. The German remix of the song written and performed by Brazilian star Edu Casanova and also featuring Rapper Toni Tuklan has captured the imagination of Brazil and is set to do great things in Germany and beyond?. The song has been linked to several world cup promotions in Germany as well as been taken on by the main Dance and Zumba schools over there giving it a strong platform for success in that market.

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu to collaborate with Legend Tito Jackson

Liberty Voice 20th Jan 2014


Tito Jackson; legendary superstar; older brother to Michael Jackson and one of the original members of the Jacksons, aka Jackson 5, arrived in London today from Japan, in order to do a collaboration with Chinese singing sensation Ayi Jihu, who is signed to Shlepp Records, and the two artists are recording a new song together at London’s Battery Studios. It will be the first time the two have met in the flesh and the first time they have worked together.

World's biggest carnival welcomes Ayi Jihu for historic performance

Liberty Voice News 23/12/2013


The world’s biggest party, The Salvador carnival in Brazil, will for the first time welcome a Chinese artist to perform. Psy was the first Asian artist to welcome this honor and now Chinese star, Ayi Jihu, is the second and the first Chinese artist to be invited to do so. In doing so she is once again making history with her iconic performance.

Chinese Star wows heads of state and Chinese officials in Macau

Global News Ink Nov 6 2013 


Chinese independent international star Ayi Jihu continued her incredible journey from her small village in the mountains of Leibo in China to being one of the most talked about independent Chinese artsit ever as she performed with Brazilian Star Edu Casanova (representing Brazil and cultural exchange) for the Chinese Commerce Minister Minister Gao Hucheng, the Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer along with dignitaries from all over the world on Monday 5th of November at a special event in Macau China.

Chinese Star Ayi hooks up with Brazilian Stars.

Global News Ink Sept 2013


Chinese star Ayi Jihu is to feature on the latest and first global single release from Brazilian star, Singer and Songwriter Edu Casanova.

Ayi Jihu will also be touring with Edu (writer of the Brazilian world cup song) in Brazil and she will be performing live at the official Brazilian carnival.

Edu Casanova and Ayi Jihu will be joining forces not just in music as Edu is set to feature on an Ayi Jihu track being recorded now. They are both joining forces on the charity front to help Children and less privileged people and minorities in Brazil.


Chinese star Ayi Jihu planning a return to China

James With Daily Entertainment News 2013


After over 4 years of Globe trotting around the planet building her name and brands it seems Chinese Star Ayi Jihu is looking to go back home to China. The Chinese sensation who has built her name as a singer, ambassador and philanthropist and now an actress is planning to return to her hometown area of Leibo and her region of Sichuan some time this year. Possibly Sichuan’s most famous export after it’s spicy food this spicy artists has become a worldwide name from Africa to Europe, North America to the Middle East and continues to grow through her music and Fearchaser™ Brand.

Ayi Jihu completes filming on her first true acting role

Global News Ink August 2013


I visited the set for the upcoming short film I Believe in Monsters, a cosy and lively set hosting a dark tale. Directed by award – winning film maker Flaminia Graziadei, spoke to me about her last film Inside out and her future projects.
Formerly began her career in theatre as a dancer and choreographer in Italy, Flaminia moved into cinema 13 years ago and learned on the job by becoming a first AD. Her last film, Inside out, a short 10 minute drama was a success and won Best UK Short Film at this year’s London Independent Film Festival – since then she has travelled around Eastern and Central Europe and USA for the last 5 months, still retaining interest and generating more.

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