Ayi Jihu has traveled the world and performed for millions of people, dignitaries, and entertainers. Fusing musical and visual cultures wherever she goes. She is a much sort after artist especially by those wishing to cross into China. Ayi has become famous for getting behind people of colour, their music, culture and social needs. Her FearChaser™(www.fearchaser.org) persona and brand have reached 25 million people through its online game and she has taken her fear chasing philosophy into schools helping kids fight bullying and achieve their goals all over the world.


Ayi Jihu continues to represent China despite not being a part of the Chinese Entertainment system. She was the first Chinese artist to represent the Chinese community in London at the London Week of Peace Concert. The first Chinese artist to be awarded so many Social and Cultural Ambassadorships representing not just Chinese, but people in need all over the world. From Sichuan Earthquake victims to those in Haiti and Japan Ayi can be found working hard to help people all over the world no matter their colour or creed despite often taking flack for her alliances.


Ayi Jihu recently became the first Chinese artist to officially be invited to perform at the Brazilian Carnival in Bahia. PSY was the first Asian artist to be given this honour.


Despite some not understanding and therefore tying to degrade her achievements and efforts Ayi Jihu continues to build bridges all over the world as she fulfils her dream to bridge the gap between China and the West and help her own people discover the real roots of R&B and understand Western culture better. She also wants to help those in the West truly get closer to understanding China and her culture.


Ayi has worked alone with her label Shlepp Records/Shlepp Entertainment Ltd, who have built a worldwide maverick team to support and transition Ayi Jihu globally. She has forged her own path, turned down much to keep true to what she believes in and now she stands on the brink of being one of the world's greatest icons.


You may only just now be learning about Ayi Jihu as her Fear Chaser Movie and movement gathers momentum and the Fear Chaser game picks up more and more players already reaching 110 Million kids worldwide. Those in the know, will understand, that behind every overnight sensation are many years of hard work.


Ayi Jihu continues to expand working on several films around the globe and building her brand in fashion, Philanthropy, charity, TV and Music. This is China's time to shine and this is also Ayi Jihu's time to shine. In her own words: "If i had listened to people I would not be here. People have questioned my dancing, singing, acting, speaking, even my right to try. If you give into your fears and listen to the wrong people you will not achieve anything, I people are just afraid, of almost everything I do not allow these people or anyone to stop me from following my dreams and doing what I was born to do and so far every day I wake up I smile and think I proved them wrong again".

Born in the small village of Leibo, in the province of Sichuan China, Ayi Jihu was discovered and developed by Stevie Eagle E and has since risen to become China's foremost international Lady of R&B and the first Chinese independent artist to truly make her mark in the West. Dubbed the ‘Chinese Madonna’, she has remained independent and built a following of millions worldwide through hard work digital social media and diversification of her talents.


Ayi Jihu has grown as much through her philanthropy, Charity, social interactions, film, gaming, and networking as she has done through her enigmatic music, dance and entertainment persona. Ayi Jihu is a ‘New breed’ of artist and celebrity, personifying giving back before actually getting and encompassing a ‘Whole package’ approach from the onset.


Her ability to crossover and reach so many people through her music, video, film, and games have seen her become a cultural Ambassador for The United Nations, Sisha (anti-human trafficking), BAFOL Autism Foundation) FAAVM (champion of minority equality), and other global organizations.


Ayi’s Journey has not been an easy one. Initially misunderstood by her people it has taken years to win them over. No journey to success comes without a price. Ayi Jihu has suffered Cyber Bullying and internet ‘Trash talk’ from those who would see her fail. Attacks by bloggers like ‘China Music Radar’ prompted Ayi to start her cyberbullying campaign, going into schools helping kids to fight bullying and especially cyber-bullying which is on the rise. Ayi Jihu is no stranger to controversy but continues to grow and achieve her goals despite this.


Ayi Jihu is a historic artist, building bridges between East and West socially, in business and through entertainment in a way that no one has been able to do before. Ayi is native Yi and represents the many minorities of China. She is perhaps now the biggest International Yi/Sichuan Star ever (over 300 million people represented) and she is loved by her people for putting their beautiful culture more onto the world map.

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